Alberta Discovery Trail

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  • June 17, 2018

The Harvest Hills Hub began as an aging playground site consisting of only a handful of trees and an open grass field. Our wish is to create a natural urban oasis complete with planted areas of Native-to-Alberta plants, trees, and shrubs, a crushed limestone pathway, nature-themed picnic tables and benches, and an innovative play area that encourages neighbours to visit and meet.

An important new addition to the space is the “Alberta Discovery Trail”. The trail is a crushed limestone path that weaves itself through four naturalized pod areas. The limestone is a nod back to the area, which served as a limestone quarry before development. Each of the four pod areas will include a subset of native-to-Alberta, drought-tolerant trees, shrubs, and smaller plantings to provide a robust home for our varied local wildlife. Also included in these pod areas will be leaf-shaped educational signposts with information about our plant species including the past uses by Aborignal Peoples of each plant species.

Placed along the Alberta Discovery Trail are three brand new picnic tables that will facilitate family picnics, community gatherings, and community-led groups and classes. The inclusion of these picnic tables will encourage groups to linger in the area, soaking in the calm energy that nature provides and allowing for easy picnics, card games, and other fun activities.

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